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Joab’s plan for Absalom’s return

2 Samuel 14:1

Joab, the chief commander of Israel’s army, was an extremely powerful man. It seems that he wanted Absalom to become Israel’s next king. If he assisted Absalom, he would then expect Absalom to support him. However, as Joab later discovered, Absalom did not care to show him that kind of honour (14:30).

At this time, Israel’s people did not know who would rule their nation after David. This was perhaps 20 or 30 years after David began to rule – in the end, David would be king for 40 years (5:4-5). His older sons who were born in Hebron, were now young men (3:2-5). His younger sons, born in Jerusalem, were still boys (5:14-16). God had chosen one of those younger sons, Solomon (12:24-25).

Absalom was David’s third son, and he was born in Hebron. His mother came from the royal family of a foreign nation, Geshur. Absalom had to escape back to Geshur after he killed David’s first son, Amnon.

Three years had now passed since Amnon’s death. Joab thought that the time was, at last, right for Absalom to return to Israel. However, that could only be possible if, somehow, he could persuade David to permit it. David’s feelings for his children were always very strong; he cared very much about them. However, he had decided that he must deal firmly with Absalom (14:24).

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