7 reasons to link to www.usefulbible.com

Everyone who recommends www.usefulbible.com on their website, blog, or facebook page is helping other people to understand the Bible. Please link to us, so that many more people can benefit.

(1) Our website exists for one purpose only: to help people to understand the Bible more clearly. Every article, every study, and every feature is designed to encourage people to open their Bibles and to read them more carefully.

(2) Our articles are professional. They are all written by Keith Simons, a Bible teacher who has been writing and checking Bible Commentaries for the last 10 years, and for whom this website is his main area of ministry. The articles are then checked and carefully read through by a team of volunteers before publication.

(3) Our teaching is mainstream in content. We do not aim at controversy; and we maintain a Gospel emphasis wherever appropriate. The statements made are backed up with Bible references and careful background explanations. Our team is drawn from major Christian denominations in the UK; several team members come from Wycliffe Associates UK (MissionAssist).

(4) Our writing is in clear, simple English. We follow the EasyEnglish system, developed by Wycliffe Associates UK. That means that our work is easy to understand, even for many people who do not speak English as their first language. We consider this important because our website is used across the world; we have had appreciative emails from readers in all 5 continents.

(5) Our articles have been designed following careful research as to what Internet users really need. For that reason, each articles is short, and self-contained. It explains everything that is necessary without having to refer to any other article.

(6) We work through complete Bible books. Taken together, the articles form an in-depth study into that Bible book, which will benefit even the most knowledgeable people. Taken individually, the articles are useful and helpful articles which make interesting and informative reading, even for people without much (or any) prior knowledge of the Bible.

(7) Everything on the website is free and unrestricted, including downloadable pdf files, and eBooks. There is no appeal for money, and we do not accept adverts.