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How God directed John as he wrote

Revelation 10:4

We believe that the Bible is the word of God (2 Timothy 3:16). Therefore, it interests us to know how the Bibleís authors wrote their books. We would like to know how clearly God spoke to them. Also, we want to know whether they understood the importance of their books.

In the Book of Revelation, John provides some useful information about these matters.

In chapter 1, he explains how he received Godís command to write the book. First, the Holy Spirit came upon him. Then he heard the voice of an angel (one of Godís special servants in heaven). The angel told him to write this book (1:11). Then Christ himself told John to write down what he (John) saw (1:19).

In Revelation 10:4, we can see that John obeyed that command at once. As God showed each thing to John, John wrote it in his book. John did not wait until a later occasion to write the book; he wrote it immediately. That also helps to explain why so few explanations appear in the Book of Revelation. John described each thing whether he understood it or not. Christ had told John simply to record these things, and, therefore, John must not try to explain them.

Revelation 10:4 also shows us how God directed the contents of the book. Here, John tried to write something that God did not want to appear in the book. John then heard a voice from heaven that told him not to write. John recognised clearly that the instruction was from God. So, of course, John obeyed.

In Revelation 22:10, the book was almost complete. Then God gave John an instruction, by an angel, that John must not keep the book private. God wanted all his people to know and to read this important book (see also Revelation 1:3 and Revelation 22:7).

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