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The rule of Godís people

Revelation 2:27

Today, evil people often rule nations, and they use their power in a cruel manner. The Bible teaches that, in the future world, Godís people will be the rulers. Because they serve God, they will rule in a right and good manner.

Here, Christ explains some facts about their rule:

(1) Their authority comes from Christ. They will not gain power because of their ambition, as rulers do now. They will not receive their power by means of revolutions or by military force. Their authority will be Christís gift to them, simply because they have served him loyally.

(2) Their authority is the result of their loyal relationship with Christ. Christ receives his authority to rule all things because he is Godís Son (Psalm 2:9). They receive authority because they too are Godís children (compare the womanís Ďchildrení in verse 23, and see Hebrews 2:11-13).

(3) They rule on Godís behalf. Christ will rule all things. They will only rule what Christ gives them authority to rule.

(4) Their rule is Godís act of judgement against the wicked powers in this world. For that reason, they have complete authority. Wicked, cruel and evil forces will never rule the world again. That is the meaning of the word-picture about the iron stick. While they rule, wicked forces will be completely unable to gain any power. They will be as weak as a pot when an iron stick breaks it. So their rule will never end, because they rule on Godís behalf.

That rule is for the future world, but already, God has given his people power against the devil and his activities. So, they have Godís authority to serve him and to declare his message (Matthew 28:19-20). God gives them power against the devil by means of prayer, the Bible, and their trust in him (Ephesians 6:11-18). Evil acts do not give them power against the devil, as some people in Thyatira wrongly taught (verse 24). Christians must remain loyal to God.

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