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Psalm 133

Dew from Hermon

David gave another description of the people who had gathered in Jerusalem for the sacred holidays. He wanted to emphasise the love that they showed for each other.

Some people had come the long distance from Hermon. Hermon is the tallest mountain in the entire region. It was in the north of the country that David ruled. Hermon is well-known for its dew (the water that gathers on the ground overnight). There is always plentiful water there.

Jerusalem, including Zion where Godís house stood, is in a dry region. Love between Godís people is like dew from Hermon that falls upon Zion. That means that the love, like the dew, is plentiful. Also, it provides what people would otherwise lack. And also, God uses it to show his kindness.

But the people from Hermon would also benefit from their long journey. God would show them his kindness when they went to Zion. He would help them to receive a real relationship with him while they were there. And that would not just be a temporary relationship. God, who gives life to peopleís bodies, also gives life to their spirits. And the life that God gives to a personís spirit lasts always. That life never ends.

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